International Shipping Service EMS Terms and Conditions

Digital Estampe Company Limited (hereinafter Digital Estampe) hereby set the following General Terms and Conditions for international shipping service. This terms and conditions shall be agreed between you (Customer) and us.

Please read this document carefully when you apply our service. By using our service, it is understood that you have agreed to this Terms and Conditions.

Article 1. Definitions

Words and expressions used herein shall have the respective meanings set forth below:

  • ”EMS(Express Mail Service)” refers to the international mail service provided by Japan Post Co.,Ltd.(“JP”)
  • “Service” refers to a service in which Digital Estampe, on behalf of customers, delivers parcel to JP for consideration, in order to make overseas shipment of the goods ordered to Digital Estampe by using EMS(Express Mail Service)
  • The word “sender” refers to a person who will receive the parcel and was described as the addressee in the delivery address column immediately after the word “TO” of EMS(Express Mail Service) label, by the sender at the time of application for the Service; and
  • A “parcel” refers to goods ordered to Digital Estampe, packed, and shipped through EMS(Express Mail Service)

Article 2. Matters to be noted

By Applying for the Service, the customer will be deemed to have agreed to both this Terms and Conditions and “Universal Postal Convention”. With respect to “Universal Postal Convention”, please check the following website. (English) (Japanese)


A sender of any parcel shall be a customer, and the contract will be entered into between the customer and JP. Digital Estampe will, merely on behalf of the customer, engage in the services of packing goods and the making delivery, and payment of EMS charge, to JP.

With respect to up-to-date information related to the use of EMS(Express Mail Service), please check the following JP websites. (Japanese) (English) (Chinese)

Article 3. Disclaimer

  1. In the Service, the sender of a parcel will be the customer, and a mail service contract will be entered into between the customer and JP. Digital Estampe is an agent acting with respect to application for shipping.
  2. In case where a shipped parcel is returned to Digital Estampe for the reason that it is undeliverable due to refusal by the recipient, illegibility of the recipient’s new address of any other cause, Digital Estampe will, within reasonable period(no longer than thirty(30)days determined at its sole decision, make commercially reasonable endeavor to notify the sender thereof. Digital Estampe will, after having so notified, either dispose of the parcel, or send the parcel through JP’s cash-on-delivery service only to the recipient in Japan designated by the sender.
  3. The returned parcel will no longer be shipped to the sender or the recipient, if, regardless of such endeavor, Digital Estampe cannot so notify. Thereafter, Digital Estampe shall, after the lapse of certain period specified thereby, have the right, in accordance with the method determined at its discretion, to destroy or otherwise dispose of the parcel, without owing any liability for compensation.

Article 4. Refund, Tariffs, etc. in the country of destination

  1. The service fee will in no event be refunded after 24 hours of order placement.
  2. Upon arrival of parcels to the country of destination, customs duties, value added taxes, customs clearance fees, etc. will be levied. In such case, the recipient shall, through various procedures under the laws of each country, pay all such fees.

Reminder: A recipient shall bear such fees, even if the parcel is gifts.

Article 5. Receipt

When recipient receives a parcel, he/she is requested to promptly unpack it and check the contained goods. Digital Estampe will not bear any responsibility even if a part of parcel is either stolen or lost and, accordingly, the parcel is delivered partially to the recipient, or a damaged parcel is delivered to a recipient, except that Digital Estampe fails to perform its duties stipulated in Article 4.1 hereof through its willful conduct or negligence. Any and all claims with respect to EMS, a sender or a recipient needs to contact to the local post office in the country of destination. In such case, a recipient or a sender will have to preserve the parcel as it is, and report to the local office, lack of contained goods, damages, etc, Please inquire of the local post office for more detail.

Article 6. Insurance

EMS provides insurance program and the cost is included in Digital Estampe shipping charge for the Service within the value of parcel, and in cases of the parcel being damaged, lost or stolen, the actual damage can be compensated for the extent of the claim amount. Compensation will be made to the sender by a post office of a member of the Universal Postal Union(UPU).

With respect to the claim amount, please check the amount you purchased from Digital Estampe.

In case where a parcel is damaged, lost or stolen either the recipient or the sender will need to inquire of a local post office or reach the reference provided at the bottom hereof. The claim for investigation or tracking with respect to a parcel shall be presented within six (6) months from the day immediately following the date of application for the Service made in Japan. In addition, claims against EMS shall be made to the local post office by attaching a few photo copies of evidence to the document to be submitted to the local post office.

With respect to specific procedures for such claim and details of the documents to be submitted, a recipient or a sender shall contact to the call center of the local post office.

Digital Estampe will only be liable for its failure, through its willful conduct or gross negligence, to vicariously perform the Service pursuant to Article 4.1, and its liability shall, under any circumstances, be limited to the direct damage up to the invoice amount. (Japanese) (English) (Chinese)

Article 7. Suspension of Service

Digital Estampe will not be liable for any loss or damage to a sender’s parcel, or failure to initiate or continue shipment, which has occurred due to any cause beyond its reasonable control.

Digital Estampe will not be liable any circumstance in the following causes:

  1. A sender is suspected of having acted with an unjustifiable intentions for the purpose of receiving compensation; and
  2. In case where a sender requests suspension of shipment of a parcel, return of a parcel or change in the recipient of a parcel, Digital Estampe cannot fulfill such request, thereby causing any damages.


Oversea Post Office Link (Japanese) (English) (Chinese)