Terms & Conditions

Digital Estampe Company Limited (hereinafter Digital Estampe) is Japanese corporation operated under Japanese law. Digital Estampe provides all legal information in Japanese. Followings are the English summary of “Terms & Conditions” for your convenience. Official legal contract and formal explanation are followed after English summary. Please read those documents carefully. By using Digital Estampe service, Digital Estampe acknowledges that you (Customer) accept those Terms and Conditions. For official legal contract and formal explanation, please read Terms and Conditions in Japanese

Digital Estampe hereby set the following General Terms and Conditions. This terms and conditions shall be agreed between you (Customer) and us. Please read this document carefully when you use our service. By using our service, it is understood that you have agreed to this Terms and Conditions.

Article No.1 Scope

This Terms and Conditions is applied between Digital Estampe and you (Customer), and you (Customer) has agreed to follow the rules and regulations set by this Terms and Conditions. Any additional notice and individual regulations from Digital Estampe is considered to be a part of this Terms and Conditions.

Article No.2 Customer Registration information

Customer can order the goods and service (hereunder “the products”) from Digital Estampe using this service. Customer needs to fill all information requested upon registration and those information should be entered completely and correctly,

We must ask you to understand that Digital Estampe is not responsible for any mistake of customers and will only accept the return defined by Return Policy defined below.

Should any or all of the information including name, address, telephone number, email address etc, indicated at registration subsequently change, it shall be incumbent upon you to correct the information without delay.

Article No.3 Privacy information

Digital Estampe manages all privacy information under Japanese Privacy Law. Digital Estampe will use your privacy information only for delivery purpose with possible exception of Governmental legal requirement. For further detail, all information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Article No.4 Sales Contract Established

In case that Digital Estampe accepts customer’s order from Article 2, Digital Estampe Customer Center will send the email to your (customer’s) email address which is submitted by you (Customer) to declare the order acceptance and you (Customer) need to confirm it. By accepting the confirmation email, the sakes contract between Digital Estampe and you (Customer) are irrevocably established.

In case of any breach and infringement of any article of this Terms and Conditions, default of payment, Digital Estampe will be able to cancel the order and take any necessary actions to reduce its damage.

Article No.5 Term to ship the products

Digital Estampe will ship the products within on and around 7 business days. (In case of credit card, on and around 7 business days after the credit card approval) During holiday seasons, it may take longer. When significant delay occurs for some reason, we will let you know by email. We are not responsible for any delivery delay caused by transporters.

Article No.6 Return Policy

Please note that we do not accept any return caused by any defect or damage under your responsibility. Possible exceptions are wrong products, damaged products and the damage from delivery. Please notify us in writing to customer@digitalestampe.net within a week after arrival of product. After confirming the situation, we will let you know the way to return.

Article No.7 Change and Cancellation

Within 24 hours after the order, you may change or cancel your order. After 24 hours, we do not accept any change or cancel of your order.

Article No.8 Products Transfer

Products will be delivered to the destination specified by customer by the designated transporter. In case that customer is unable to receive the products for some reason and the products are returned to us, we will store those products for maximum 30days. After 30 days, we will dispose them. In case a customer wishes to deliver again, we will ship to customer. All cost of return and deliver, storage charge of 1,000 yen/day will be charged to customer. After confirmation of receipt of those cost from customer, we will ship.

Article No.9 Payment method

The product price is stipulated at the corresponding product page and does not include consumption tax. Digital Estampe accepts the credit card payment (upfront payment) and cash on delivery (max. 300,000yen) for each order. In case customer prefers to use credit card, it is the subject to the approval of credit card company.

In case credit card company reject the use, please chose other payment method.

Article No.10 Prohibition

You(Customer) should not take following actions:
・to submit false information
・any action to interfere Digital Estampe service
・unauthorized use of credit card
・any action may cause to damage or interfere other users, third party or Digital Estampe.
・any action may cause to damage intellectual property, privacy, personality rights, etc., of Digital Estampe and other parties
・any action against public order and moral
・other actions which Digital Estampe does not accept

Article No.11 Termination and others

Upon the occurrence of following events, Digital Estampe may terminate the service, dispose of sales agreement with customer without notice.
  ・Breach of any article of this Terms and Conditions
  ・Submit false information
  ・Default of payment, bankrupcy
  ・no response to Digital Estampe’s inquiry or communication which requires the response for more than 30 days
  ・not receive the products and product to be returned more than twice
  ・any affairs which destroy the relationship with you (Customer) and Digital Estampe, and when Digital Estampe acknowledges the difficulty to continue serving the Customer

Article No.12 Copyrights

All contents held on the Digital Estampe website are protected under the Japanese Copyright Law and international agreement and may not be copied or disseminated, nor may they be used or reproduced in any other form, without prior consent from the right holder.

The logo of Digital Estampe is copyright and should not be used without approval from Digital Estampe.

Article No.13 Temporary termination of service

Digital Estampe shall not be liable for its failure to perform any of its obligations in a timely manner due to circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to, earthquake, flood, typhoon, tidal wave, fire, plague, war, terrorism, strike, lockout, other labor dispute, governmental acts, orders or regulations, and will terminate its service temporarily in such event as well as periodic maintenance and renewal of system without notice.

Article No.14 Change and termination of service

Digital Estampe will change, add or terminate a part or whole of service and functions without notice to Customers.

Article No.15 Disclaimer

Digital Estampe’s entire liability and your exclusive remedy with respect to the use of this web site and/or any service provided in connection with this web site shall be the cancellation of your user account with Digital Estampe.
In no event will Digital Estampe be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages arising from your use of this web site and/or any service provided in connection with this web site or for any other claim related in any way to your use of this web site and/or any service provided in connection with this web site.
Because some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, in such states or jurisdictions Digital Estampe’s liability will be limited to the greatest extent permitted by law. Digital estampe does not endorse, warrant or guarantee any product or any service offered by or through this web site and will not be a party to or in any way be responsible for monitoring any transaction between you and third-party providers of products or services.

Article No.16 Security Policy

Digital Estampe will encrypt all personal information you submit to use our service and strictly control and manage those with deepest care. However Digital Estampe is not liable for the leakage, lost and change of those data.

Article No.17 Amendment

We reserve the right to amend the General Terms and Conditions at any time without further explanation. In such case, we will explicitly notify you on our Webpage of the amended General Terms and Conditions. Your agreement will be required before any amendments are to take effect.

Article No.18 Separation Possibility

In case that any part of this terms and conditions are disabled by law or regulation, rest of terms and conditions continue to be effective.

Article No.19 Miscellaneous

Please understand that the color may differ from monitor of each device and that may cause the difference between the real products and products on monitor.

According to the current state of technology it is not possible for works to be made available for viewing on the internet free of system interference and breakdown. We therefore accept no liability for non-accessibility of works on account of technical problems with communication networks, security breaches by third parties (e.g. denial of service attacks) or incomplete and/or dated offers on proxy servers (temporary caches), where such is beyond our control.

Article No.20 Jurisdiction and Governing Law

The validity, construction and performance of the Agreement, and all contractual and non contractual matters arising out of it, shall be governed by Japanese law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Japanese courts to which the Parties submit.